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How do I change an Add-On variation like size?


To make a change in the size (or any variation) of an Add-On, you will need to delete the Add-On first, then place a new order for the Add-On.  Here are the steps:

  • Go to Customers > Account Management > Search to find the customer and then click on their name to go to their Account Overview page.
  • Click on the spy glass icon for the order.
  • Click on the red x for the Buy Item you need to change - this will remove the item from the order.  Note: make sure you make a copy of any special Text requests for the item.
  • Click Place Order.
  • Click the Add Add-On button and complete the order for the item, selecting the appropriate person, the new size, and adding in any special Text requests.
  • Click the Checkout button.
  • Select "Other" as the Payment Method and leave Amount Paid as zero since you are using the credit from item that was deleted.
  • Click the Place Order button.
  • An email will be sent to the customer unless you uncheck "Send Confirmation Email to Customer".
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