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May 10th Enhancements Notification


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For immediate release: May 10th, 2017

For more information contact:

Helene Harris at (916) 822-4800 or (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1

May 10th Enhancements Notification

TeamSideline will release our next set of enhancements this Wednesday night, May 10th.  In addition to the items below, we have also made many minor improvements throughout the site thanks to your feedback. 

TeamSideline Mobile App

As you may have seen in previous communications and online, the new TeamSideline Team Site App (for iPhone) is now available for download in the Apple App Store.  We are developing the Android version of the App and will begin the testing process soon.  If you have questions, please email

Facility Management

For our Facility Management customers, we have added a number of enhancements to this release.

  • Allow different lengths of reservation time for one location.  Go to the specific facility, click on the Availability tab, and click the Set Availability button.
  • Allow the public Calendar to start either Monday or Sunday – this allows people to see the weekend days grouped together.  You can set this at Content > Configurations > General – change Calendar Week as needed.
  • In addition to the ability to set rolling dates to place a reservation, allow the admin to set specific start and end dates instead. Go to the specific facility, click on the Reservation tab, and set the Registration Period dropdown appropriately.
  • Enable a Print Page functionality for the Facility Calendar.

If you are interested in learning more about the Facility Management module, email

Send Communication Lists

When you have a registration program setup on your site, as people begin to signup for it the Registration – Current Programs automatic distribution list begins to populate.  As you drill down into the program, you will now be able to click on the triangle and expand the list to see who exactly is going to receive the email.  If the person has a filter on their email address or there is no email address available, their name will appear grayed out and you won’t be able to select it.  This new functionality is also available under Registrations – Archived Programs.

Enrollment Photos

If you are using the Enrollment Photo process to upload photos for your players who are registering, there is now a new option to force the player (youth or adult) registering to upload a new photo vs using one that was previously uploaded.  On your program’s 1 Setup page, just change Enrollment Image to Yes, Required, New.

Division Schedule Import

The Division Schedule Import has been enhanced so that you can now append to a schedule that already exists.  Go to Administration > Import Data, click on Division Schedule Import, select your file, set the rest of the dropdowns appropriately, then select Import Mode = Add to Existing Schedule. Click the Next Step button and proceed like you normally do.  Not sure how to use this process?  Click here for a video walking you through how to complete the Division Schedule Import.  You will also find this video (and many more) at Help > Online Training – look for How to do a Division Schedule Import.


We’ve made some changes under Reports > Report Exports:

  • If you are using our Membership Module, look for a new report called Membership Information that allows you to extract various fields related to completed memberships on your site.
  • You can now select multiple locations on the Officials Games report.  Just click the Location dropdown and select the locations you need to report on.
  • Also on the Officials Assignments report, you will be able to select multiple locations.  Just click the Location dropdown and select the locations you need to report on.

Email Sending Improvements

We recently sent you an email regarding a couple of changes to improve your communications with your members (see email sent to all Site Administrators on 4/19/2017).  On the 2nd page of the Communications > Send Communications process, you will see the following changes:

  • The “From” field will be set at first to  After this release, we will be working on updating all sites with custom domains to and with further customization options.
  • The “Friendly Name” field is populated from the Organization Name located at Administration > Configurations > General.  As we build out this functionality going forward, you will be able to add additional Friendly Names in a future release.
  • The “Reply To” field is populated by the admins that have been created on Administration > Manage Users > Users.

Also mentioned in the previous communication were two new dedicated IP addresses for email sending to improve the deliverability of your emails to your customers.

TeamSideline Infrastructure Improvements

As TeamSideline grows, we continue to upgrade our infrastructure as well.  These changes will be happening over the next 30 days.  We will be sending further communications on this project.

Please note that the downtime period to enable these enhancements to be implemented will be from 10pm – midnight (PST) Wednesday night, May 10th.

We thank you for using TeamSideline!

Helene Harris
Customer Support
Direct: (916) 822-4800
Toll Free Support: (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1


About TeamSideline:

TeamSideline is a team of IT professionals with many years of experience working on major web applications for fortune 500 companies. We bring the same experience and excellence to TeamSideline with a passion for customer service.  TeamSideline provides web sites, scheduling, and registration services to customers throughout the US, from Maine to Florida, from Texas to California. Major customers include Park and Recreation Departments, and youth sports leagues including softball, baseball, soccer, and football.

TeamSideline prides itself on being a small company providing big company services. Your data is secure in a data center with 24/7 security. We do regular backups and maintain disaster recovery plans to keep your web site running - everything the big guys have.

TeamSideline partners with customers and provides new and enhanced features based on customer feedback on a regular basis. You'll never talk to someone who is in a remote call center or be relegated to email support. Instead, you'll get to know the TeamSideline team on a first name basis and know they are available when you need them.

As one of our customers said, "TeamSideline is the complete package - quality, price, and service.”

For more information:

Helene Harris at (916) 822-4800 or (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1




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