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June 7th Enhancements Notification


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For immediate release: June 7th, 2017

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Helene Harris at (916) 822-4800 or (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1

June 7th Enhancements Notification


TeamSideline will Release our next set of enhancements on Wednesday night, June 7th.  In addition to the items below, we have also made many minor improvements throughout the site thanks to your feedback.  We have a major release coming late this summer which will contain many new features and improvements. 

Facility Management

This release includes a number of Facility Management Module enhancements.

  • Enable admins to configure what information is displayed on the Administrative Facility Calendars.  Go to Facility Reservation > Configurations > General and select one of the five options from the Internal Calendars dropdown.  You can view the information on the individual facility and master facility calendars.
  • Enable admins to configure what information is displayed on the public facing (external) calendars.  Go to Facility Reservation > Configurations > General and select one of the five options from the External Calendars dropdown. You can view the information publicly on the location specific calendar.
  • The top level parent facility calendar now includes all reservations for individual facilities underneath it.  Go to a “parent” facility under Facility Reservation > Facilities and click on the calendar icon for this “parent” facility. You will now be able to view all the reservations for the “child” facilities in one place.  Click on Agenda to see a nice listing for the week.  Click the Export to PDF button to save a file or print the information out.

If you are interested in learning more about the Facility Management Module, email

Adult Team/Roster Registration Waiver

You can now enable a Team Waiver print out to be available to your team managers for our Adult Team/Roster Registration process.  Go to the 1 Setup page of your program and set Roster Report Type to Waiver.  When your managers log into your site and click their team name, they will have a Print Roster button so they can print out a Team Waiver to have players sign it at the beginning of the season or for each game.  Need to customize the Waiver Terms & Conditions?  Go to Reports > Configurations > Customize and select Roster Waiver.  Click the pencil icon for any of the report areas, make your change, and click the Save button.

Roster Import to 2 Teams Page Rosters

For our Scheduling customers, you will now be able to import rosters directly into teams defined on the 2 Teams page.  This will allow you to export out of your current registration system and once you complete the import, you will be able to send an email directly to the rosters on the Communications > Send Communication page.  To use the import, go to Administration > Import Data and look for Roster Import.  Click on the PDF icon to see specific import instructions and click on the Excel icon to get a sample input file.  Once your data is ready, click on Roster Import and follow the steps.

Volunteer Module Reporting

If you are using the Volunteer Module within your TeamSideline site, you can now report out the hours for each Volunteer Opportunity and export the data to Excel.  Go to Reports > Report Exports and click on Volunteer Hours.  Select the Date Range, the Opportunity, then click the Export button.  Once in Excel, you can sum up the data as you need to.

Mail Merge - Copy

On Reports > Mail Merge for our registration customers, admins can click in the new Copy Document button and select an existing Document to create a new one.  Once the new document is created, click the edit icon to make any changes.  Then click the Run Mail Merge button to integrate your registration program and this newly created document.

Please note that the downtime period to enable these enhancements to be implemented will be from 10pm – midnight (PDT) on Wednesday night, June 7th.

We thank you for using TeamSideline!

Helene Harris
Customer Support
Direct: (916) 822-4800
Toll Free Support: (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1


About TeamSideline:

TeamSideline is a team of IT professionals with many years of experience working on major web applications for fortune 500 companies. We bring the same experience and excellence to TeamSideline with a passion for customer service.  TeamSideline provides web sites, scheduling, and registration services to customers throughout the US, from Maine to Florida, from Texas to California. Major customers include Park and Recreation Departments, and youth sports leagues including softball, baseball, soccer, and football.

TeamSideline prides itself on being a small company providing big company services. Your data is secure in a data center with 24/7 security. We do regular backups and maintain disaster recovery plans to keep your web site running - everything the big guys have.

TeamSideline partners with customers and provides new and enhanced features based on customer feedback on a regular basis. You'll never talk to someone who is in a remote call center or be relegated to email support. Instead, you'll get to know the TeamSideline team on a first name basis and know they are available when you need them.

As one of our customers said, "TeamSideline is the complete package - quality, price, and service.”

For more information:

Helene Harris at (916) 822-4800 or (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1




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