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Why isn't my playoff bracket updating?


When you create a Division Playoff Bracket from the Division "1 Configuration" page you can set Playoff Seeding to "Manual" or "By Standings".

If you choose "Manual" then you will need to select the team names on the 4 Create Schedule page for the bracket in order for the team names populate the bracket.

If you choose "By Standings" then when the regular season is completely finished being scored, then the playoff bracket will automatically populate with the team names based on the Standings.  (If you don't agree with the Standings tie breaker calculations, then you can use the Edit Standings button to change the order of the Standings.)

If you are unable to enter scores, or, if the team names are not populating your Playoff bracket, then make sure to check that none of your games in your regular or playoff schedule have their disposition set to "Not Played." If you do, you will need to change the games disposition to one of the following: "Score not Kept" or "Canceled".

How to change a game's disposition:

  • Go to the Division's Standings page.
  • Click the Edit Score button.
  • For Disposition, use the drop down to select  "Score not Kept" or "Canceled".
  • Click the Save button.

Once all of the game's dispositions have been set to "Score not Kept" or "Canceled" the bracket will update and you will be able to input your scores.



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