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How can customers upload their player's birth certificate (or any other "file") outside of Registration?


Note: The Field Type=File is available in our Premium Package.  Contact TeamSideline if you would like more information about our Premium features.

How to set up a Custom Field so that customers can upload a player's birth certificate (or any other "file"):

  • Go to Administration > Configurations > Custom Fields.

  • Click the Add Custom Field button.

  • For Field Name, type in "Birth Cert Upload" for the Custom Field.

  • For Category, select Player from the drop down.

  • For Field Type, select File from the drop down.

  • For Side Description, type in the Side Description that will be displayed next to your field.

  • Check Is Required if you want to require parents to upload the file at the time they are adding players to their accounts (if you leave this unchecked, parents can place their order and then go back to upload the birth certificate).

Note: You may want to add a Terms and Conditions to your Program to remind parents to upload the birth certificate if you are not making it a required field.

  • For Public Access, select Editable from the drop down.

  • Once you add this Custom Field, any parent can go to their player's record and upload the document.

  • As an admin, you can also upload or view these documents by going to the customer's Account Overview page and clicking on the edit icon for the player/parent.



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