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How to Add a Membership


How to Add a Membership:

  • Go to Programs > Configurations > Memberships.
  • Click the Add Membership button.
  • For Membership Name, enter desired Membership Name.
  • For Description, enter the desired Description.
  • Click the Save button.

How to Add Membership Option:

  • Next to Membership name, click the green plus sign icon to Add Membership Option.
  • For Option Name, enter desired Option Name.
  • For Cost, enter desired Cost.
  • For Duration Type, use the drop down to select either Year or Month.
  • For Duration, use the drop down to select desired Duration.
  • For Is Recurring, click the check box if you wish the Membership Option to be Recurring.
  • Click the Save button when done.

Note: Make sure to toggle the eye-cons to green so the Membership is visible to your members.

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