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Can I customize our Order Confirm emails?


You are able to add additional information to the Order Confirm emails. However, the pre-built message on the Order Confirm email cannot be removed or changed.

How to edit Order Receipt Text for a specific Program:

  • Go to Programs > Manage Programs.
  • Select desired Program.
  • Go to the 2 Configuration page.
  • Scroll down to Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Click the Add/Edit Order Receipt Text.
  • Enter the desired text and click Save.
  • This text will now appear on the Program's Order Confirm emails.

How to edit Order Receipt Text for all Programs:

  • Go to Content > Page Edit and select Order Confirm - Instructions Section from the drop down.
  • Enter desired Order Confirm text and click the Save button.
  • This text will be on the bottom of all Order Confirm emails regardless of Program.
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