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October 5th Enhancements Notification


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For immediate release: October 4th, 2017

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October 5th Enhancements Notification

TeamSideline will release our next set of system enhancements this Thursday night, October 5th.  In addition to the items below, we have also made many other improvements throughout the site thanks to your feedback.  If you have more feedback, please email

Now Available: Credit Card Settlement Reporting Data

If you are not using WePay for your credit card gateway, let us know – odds are it will save you money. 

If you are currently using WePay, we have big news!  We are now pulling in the deposit settlement data and loading it into TeamSideline.  This will simplify access to this data (no more having to log into WePay and generating reports) and enable you to report out this data integrated with your TeamSideline order and customer data.  Look for the Settlement Item and Settlement Item Detail reports under Reports > Report Exports.  We plan to do even more with this data to make tasks even easier for your treasurer or finance department.

Interested in switching to WePay?  Send an email to and we’ll get you started.

Payment Plans

If you are using Payment Plans for your registration programs, now when you cancel an enrollment the payment plan will also automatically be cancelled.  In addition, the account will be credited the amount the enrollment was cancelled for, helping balance out the account with the offsetting transactions.  This will eliminate the need for additional transactions to be added to the account.

If you are interested in implementing payment plans, email to get started.


In our continuing mission to listen to what you tell us, we are enabling the home page rotator to display in the mobile view – so when you have a nice image rotator on your site, people can also see it on their phone.  In addition, if you would like a transparent home page with an image background showing through your content, you can now contact us and we will enable that for you.  And unlike our competitors we’ll do upgrades like this at no charge to you – it’s just part of your unparalleled TeamSideline Support.  Please note: We have more to come in the graphics area -- stay tuned -- we’re on it.

Game Scheduling

If you are a TeamSideline Premium customer, you will now be able to easily swap weeks on any Standard division’s 4 Create Schedule page.  Look for the Games Per Week Distribution table, put your cursor over the top column until the cursor changes, then click your left mouse button to drag the selected week over the week you want to swap with.  Make sure to click the Calc & Save button to save your changes.  Email if you are interested in learning more about the Premium upgrade. 

Officials Module

Based on your feedback, we have incorporated a couple of changes to enhance the ease of use for the Officials Module.

  • On the Admin Assignments page, the date range is automatically populated with today’s date as the start date which will enable you to quickly review future games.
  • You will now be able to display the officials assigned to a game on the Standings page for any Division.  Just go to that Division’s 1 Configuration > Display page and set Show Officials = Yes – then go look at the Standings page and see the assigned officials listed after every game.

If you are interested in learning more about the Officials Module, email

Mail Merge

The Mail Merge process allows you to merge a Word-like document with registration data.  You will now be able to drilldown and print a specific individual in addition to being able to print a full program’s worth of players’ documents.  Go to Reports > Mail Merge, click the Run Mail Merge button, and select from each dropdown until you are at the level you want – then click the Run button.  Send the generated file to a printer or create a PDF document to email out.

Background Checks Expire Date

When background checks are setup for a site, an admin now can choose between either using the current end date, which is the expiration date for the volunteer, or they can have their site setup to check against the program end date.  If you would like your site switched to use the program end date instead, email

Reinvite All for Team/Roster Registrations

Sites that use the Team/Roster Registration process will now find a new Reinvite All button on the 4 Rosters page of their registration program.  Click this button to resend the email invitation to all team members on all rosters that have not logged in and accepted their team’s invitation to sign up. 

The “More Info” Button

You now have more control on what is publicly displayed for your Programs.  On a Program’s 1 Setup page, you currently can hide a Program’s default program text – just click the checkbox for Hide default program text.  Now you can also hide the More Info button by clicking the checkbox for Hide More Info page.  Both of these options are located just below the Program Description field.

Tournament Module

On the Standings page of any Tournament division, you can now click the Edit Standings button to override the Standings that the system has automatically calculated.  Sometimes this comes in handy when tie-breakers don’t get calculated exactly how you’d like them.  Email if you are interested in learning more about the Tournament Module.

Reporting Enhancements

We have made improvements for adhoc reporting under Reports > Report Exports:

  • All reports now have two new additional Export Type options to bring the total number of output types to four:
    • HTML which opens the report in your web browser.
    • Excel (xlsx) which easily opens in Excel and retains cell formatting.
    • CSV (Comma Separated Values) which can be used for input into other processes such as importing data at Administration > Import Data.
    • Tab (legacy) which is the current xls format.
  • The Games report now includes the Day of the Week optional field.  Just drag this new optional field from the left column to the right column to have it available on your adhoc report.
  • For sites that have the Membership Module, you can now run the Membership History report to review memberships that have been purchased on your site.

Enrollment Dashboard

The Enrollment Dashboard located under Reports > Report Dashboards has been enhanced with a number of items as per your feedback:

  • The Order Time has been added to the Order Date field and you can click on the column name to sort the list to show you the orders that came in first or last.
  • Internal Comments is now available as an Additional Column.  This is a field available for each enrollment and view-able by admins only.
  • Sorting for all columns has been greatly improved!  Click any column and check it out! 

WebMail Updates

If you have your organization’s email postoffice and mailboxes handled through TeamSideline, the WebMail client will be updated with the latest upgrade.


Please note that the downtime period to enable these enhancements to be implemented will be from 10pm – midnight (PDT) on Thursday night, October 5th. 

We thank you for using TeamSideline!  Let us know how we can serve you better! 


Helene Harris
Customer Support
Direct: (916) 822-4800
Toll Free Support: (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1


About TeamSideline:

TeamSideline is a team of IT professionals with many years of experience working on major web applications for fortune 500 companies. We bring the same experience and excellence to TeamSideline with a passion for customer service.  TeamSideline provides web sites, scheduling, and registration services to customers throughout the US, from Maine to Florida, from Texas to California. Major customers include Park and Recreation Departments, and youth sports leagues including softball, baseball, soccer, and football.

TeamSideline prides itself on being a small company providing big company services. Your data is secure in a data center with 24/7 security. We do regular backups and maintain disaster recovery plans to keep your web site running - everything the big guys have.

TeamSideline partners with customers and provides new and enhanced features based on customer feedback on a regular basis. You'll never talk to someone who is in a remote call center or be relegated to email support. Instead, you'll get to know the TeamSideline team on a first name basis and know they are available when you need them.

As one of our customers said, "TeamSideline is the complete package - quality, price, and service.”

For more information:

Helene Harris at (916) 822-4800 or (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1




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