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Team Registration: How to move a team to a different Division?


Note: This only applies to Team Registration Programs, for Individual Registration Programs directions-click here.

How to move team to another Division before the schedule has started:

  • Go to Schedules > Leagues & Divisions.
  • Click desired Division.
  • Go to the 2 Teams page.
  • Click the red x for the desired team you want to move - (This does not delete the team from your system it just puts the team back into the pool to be reassigned to a different division). 
  • Go to Programs > Manage Programs.
  • Select desired Program.
  • Click on the 4 Rosters tab.
  • Click the Assign to Teams button. 
  • Follow the process to move the team(s) to a different division. 

For instructions on how to move a Team to a different Division once the schedule has started, click here.

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