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Download Events to Outlook


Is there a way to export the team calendar to Outlook?

You can click on an Event on the Team Site, then click the Download button to download the event in an iCal format. Each event needs to be download individually though. We are currently investigating a way to subscribe to your calendar so it's always updated in Outlook.



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    Chuck Kincade

    Were you able to find a way to subscribe a calendar for automatic Outlook update?

    Were you able to group a team's games so that they could be downloaded in a group rather than individually?

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    Todd Arneson

    Hi Chuck,

    Yes, we have made many improvements in this area.

    On the team site you can subscribe to your calendar and it will automatically update outlook. Navigate to the calendar page and click/or hover on the Subscribe to this Calendar icon.

    For all the games for a specific team or division, they can be downloaded one time from the league web site.

    If you have further questions, you can always send support an email at