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How do I copy a team roster from an old team to a new team?


To Create New Team:

  • Go to Schedules > Leagues & Division.
  • Select desired Division and go to the 2 Teams tab.
  • Click on the Add Team button.  
  • Fill in all the information including the new Team Name in the Team Name field. 
  • Click the Add button.

To Copy Roster from Old Team to New Team:

  • On the New Teams 2 Teams tab, click the blue people icon to View Roster.
  • Click the Copy Roster button.
  • For League, select the League you want to copy the roster from
    • Note: Only Active Leagues will appear on the drop down. To un-archive a League go to Schedules > Archived Leagues. For more information, click here.
  • For Division, select the Division you want to copy the roster from.
  • For Team, select the Team you want to copy the roster from.
  • Click the Copy button.
  • You will now see your new Team Roster.
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