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Can anyone see my team information? Can non-team members like family and friends see phone numbers and email addresses?


The answer to both questions is “no”. Please note: TeamSideline is private and secure - key entry points of the Team Sites are all secured using standard SSL encryption when signing in.  

Only two types of people can see your team information (team information is not public and not accessible by anyone else):

  1. team members (your specific team)
  2. family and friends.

Team members are anyone on the team roster page. Family and friends are anyone invited to be able to see your team information through the Family & Friends tab. Only team members can see phone numbers and email addresses (family and friends cannot see team phone numbers and email addresses). In addition, staff members (coaches, assistant coaches, managers, team parents, and site coordinators) have the ability to hide team phone and email address information for specific players from the rest of the team players and non-staff parents.  Just let your team staff member know if this is your preference and they can click the privacy box on your profile - this will hide the contact info from other non-staff team members.

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