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When do the auto-coach scoring emails get sent?


Auto-Scoring emails are sent immediately after the game completes to the team contacts/coaches configured on the 2 Teams page. The email will go both to the primary and secondary email address.

If there are no email addresses, then the email is skipped. Later, if an email address is added, the email will not be resent. In this case, you can collect the score from the team contact/coach and enter it using the Edit Scores feature.

If the game status is not played, when you turn auto-coach scoring on, the system will go back two weeks and try to send an email to the team contacts/coaches.

Attached to this article is a one page document that you can email to your your coaches that explains the Auto Coach Scoring process.

Note: Auto Coach Scoring functionality is available in our Premium package.  Contact if you would like more information about adding this feature.


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