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How to embed a Picasa Picture Album on Organization Site


How to embed a Picasa Picture Album

Part One - Picasa Setup

Note: If you don't already have an account, goto and create an account. Then add an album with your pictures.

Once your album has been created:

  • Click on the Album

    Click "Link to this Album"

    Click Embed Slideshow

    Select Large 400px.

    Select and copy the html code in the yellow box. (Hint: Right-Click for copy option)

More Picasa Help

Important: Make sure the Album visibility is set to "Anyone with the link".

Part Two - TeamSideline Setup

  • Sign in as an admin to your TeamSideline site.

    If you don't have a custom picture page yet, click the Site Page Structure from the Admin Site Map. For information on Adding custom pages click here.

    Click Page Edit.

    Select the page to embed the picture album on.

    Click Html on the bottom of the editor.

    Paste html code (which was copied from Picasa site).

    Click Save.

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