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How to load bulk quantities of email addresses into a Contact List in your TeamSideline Site


You can add names to your Contact lists one at a time or from a bulk import process.

  1. Create a list by clicking the Add Contact List button on the Contact List page under Communications.
  2. Add contact names.
    • For small 'one at a time' quantities, go to the Contact List page under Communications and click the Add Contact button.
    • For a large quantity of names:
      • Go to Administration > Import Data.  Click the "Contact Import" Excel icon to open the sample Excel "import file".
      • Paste your names and email addresses into the Excel file. Paste the names into Column A, paste the email addresses into Column B.
      • Save the Excel file as a csv file to your computer.
      • From the Import Data page, click the Contact Import link and follow the steps to load the file.

Outlook Export Help: Click the link below if you would like to know how to export email addresses from Outlook in order to copy/paste them into a "Contact Import" Excel file:

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