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Move A Team Between Divisions After Schedule Has Started (Scheduling Only Site)


How to move a Team from one Division to another after the Schedule has started and games have been played and scored:

  1. Identify Teams and their Divisions to swap:
  2. On the 2 Teams Tab:
    • Add Team to new Division.
    • Add External Team(s) for opponents of any games already played in previous division.
    • Update team being swapped as External (do not delete).
  3. Go to 3 Time Slots Page:
    • Add Time Slot(s) for games already played if they do not exist  (Disable Auto-Assign if necessary).
  4. Go to 4 Create Schedule Page:
    • Replace new Team with Team your swapping with on the current games (not played).
    • Add Game(s) from other Schedule (so they count on the standings).
  5. Go to Standings Page:
    • Edit Scores and update scores for previous games.
    • Check swapped team is not on standings, verify win/loss record.
    • Review schedule of new team by filtering the teams drop down by the team.


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