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How to setup a Credit Card Gateway for your organization to use with your TeamSideline Site


We have negotiated with NDMS to enable TeamSideline customers to have credit card funds from your site registrations deposited directly into your account -- typically 2-3 days after the registration transaction.  Overall, the process is no different than applying for a credit card for your organization, so you will need to provide 501c3 related information in order to be approved for the account.  Note: echecks are currently not supported through this credit card gateway.

You or your treasurer can get started with NDMS by contacting to get an application sent to you.  We'll setup an appointment to review and fill out the application together - this takes about 15 minutes.  Here is the information needed for the application:

Federal Tax ID
Bank Account Name
Checking Account #
Routing Number
Bank Address
Bank Phone #
Bank Contact

Contact if you have any questions.

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