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When do we get Registration Funds deposited? (Direct Deposit)


NOTE: This only applies to where TeamSideline manages your registration funds versus your own merchant account.

The Service Fee & Transaction Summary page maintains a running balance between TeamSideline and your organization.

A positive balance shows registration funds TeamSideline has collected on your behalf minus our service fees.  The deposit covers the previous months transactions unless the current balance is less due to service fees.

An electronic transfer will be processed prior to the 3rd Friday of the following month -- for your balance owed at the end of the previous month.  An electronic transfer will not be processed if the balance is less than $100.


At the end of July, you have $1000 accumulated.

By the 3rd Friday in August, a electronic deposit will be processed -- and your designed email address will get a notification email.

You can also run a more complete list of registration fund transactions by going to the All Report page, and clicking the Organization Transactions report link.  Previous deposits will be the balance as of the close of the last day of the previous month.  The next deposit will be the balance as of the close of the last day of the next month.

If you have further questions, please contact your TeamSideline representative.

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