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How to use Apply Credit for Sponsorships, Unique Discounts, Board Member free registrations, etc.


Once an individual has an Account in your TeamSideline Registration Site, you can change the Program > Configurations > General "Apply Credit" configuration to "Yes" to allow you to add a credit transaction and then have that credit applied to the order when the person registers.  Follow these steps:

1) Change the Apply Credit configuration to Yes if you have not done so already.

2) Go to the Account Management page and search for an existing account or add an account.

3) In the Account page for the individual, click Add Transaction to add a credit to the account.

4) You can then process an enrollment for the account, or, someone from the account can place an enrollment order -- either way, the balance due in the order will subtract the credit you have applied, whether for a portion or all of the balance.

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