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How to upload an image using the Image Manager


The Image Manager icon displays on the Page Edit page.  From the Page Edit page you can edit the open edit area on your Home/Welcome page as well as any custom pages you create from the Content > Site Page Structure page. 

To load an image, make sure the extension on the image is either a gif or png extension.  Most jpg files are too large for the internet and will cause your page to load slowly.

After you have found a gif or png file you want to load, add an image to the open edit area on your Home/Welcome page or a custom page...

  1. From the Admin Site Map click Page Edit under Content
  2. If you created a custom page, choose the custom page from the "Page" drop down at the top of the Page Edit page.  If you want to add an image to your Home/Welcome page, then go to the next step since the open edit area of the Home/Welcome page loads automatically when the Page Edit page first displays.
  3. Put your mouse cursor in the open edit area.
  4. Click the Image manager icon.
  5. From the Image Manager popup box, click an image you have uploaded previously and click Insert to insert the image into the page.  To upload a new image, click the Upload button, click Select to find the gif or png file on your computer, after the image appears to the left of the select button, click the Upload button, then click Insert to insert the image into the page.
  6. You can position the image by centering it using the align center icon in the toolbar, or resizing the image by dragging a corner of the image. 
  7. When done, click the Save button at the bottom of the Page Edit page.
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