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How do I enable Partial Payments to be made for my Registration Programs?


Enabling Partial Pay for your Program, allows customers to choose to pay a partial percentage or dollar amount of the registration cost at the time of registration instead of the full cost. The balance of the full cost is then placed on the customer's account. 

How to enable Partial Pay for your Program:

  • Go to Programs > Manage Programs.
  • Select the desired Program.
  • Navigate to the 1 Setup page.
  • Scroll down to General Settings.
  • For Multiple Payments, use the drop down to select "Partial Pay."
  • Then select the percent or dollar amount of the partial payment option you want to enable registrants to select for this program.
  • Click Save at the bottom when done.

Note: Customers that use Partial Pay will need to log into their account to pay their balance. Click here for more info.


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