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How to change a role based email box to route to a new person who has taken over the role


NOTE: WebMail/Domain Mailbox functionality is no longer offered by TeamSideline.

As Administrator of your organization email boxes, when someone leaves a Board position, you need to change their role email to route to the new person who takes the position.

For example, if routes to Joe Smith one year, but the next year Joe leaves and Bill Jones becomes registrar, then you need to have change from forwarding to Joe Smith's personal email address, to forwarding to Bill Jones personal email address.

To do this or manage your email boxes by adding, deleting or changing email roles:

  1. From the Admin Site Map on TeamSideline site, click on Mail Admin under the Admin Sidebar Links.
  2. Login as (where is your organization's custom domain).
  3. Click on Mailboxes.
  4. Click on Edit across from the email address you need to change.
  5. Click on the Mailbox tab.
  6. Update the redirect email to route email for the mailbox to a personal email account.
  7. Click on the Save button.

Email services also support pop and imap connections from popular services like gmail or Outlook.

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