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How can I publish Surveys I create in my TeamSideline communication module?


From Communications > Surveys, you can create Surveys in TeamSideline.  You can publish those Surveys either as an Anonymous Survey (and enable multiple responses with the same web address) or Private surveys (one survey entry per email address) that you send out through your Send Communication process.

If you send out a Private Survey through your Communication module then you can write text in the email and when the email is sent, TeamSideline automatically embeds a link to the survey in the email.

If you create an Anonymous Survey, then when you create a News Item, Custom Page, or Email Communication, you can click on the "Links" drop down in the Toolbar, click the plus next sign to Anonymous Surveys, select an Anonymous Survey to embed a web address to the survey in your News Item, Custom Page, or Email Communication.  You can also click on the embedded link, click the Hyperlink Manager icon (Globe with a chain link) copy the link and paste link in your left sidebar (Content > Left Sidebar links), email you send from your own email client (Outlook, Google mail, etc) or anywhere else.

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