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How do I create Team Sites from my player registration Site?


In TeamSideline, Coaches can use Team Sites to manage their Teams.  Team Sites make the experience of participating on a Team easier and more fun for everyone involved from players and parents to and especially for Staff.

Team Sites are created after Registration and Team Assignments have been done.

Important: Use your TeamSideline Roster Assignment process to assign both players and volunteers (coaches, assistant coaches) to teams. You can not create Team Sites without both players and staff being assigned to teams because only team staff have functionality that enable them to manage the team sites.  This means you must have all team staff (coaches, etc) register as volunteers in your TeamSideline registration program.  It must be the same registration program used by your players.

After you have completed the Assignment Process, go to the Team Sites admin page in your registration program.  You can navigate to this page by clicking the House icon from the Programs, Rosters and Team Sites page.

From the Team Sites admin page, click the green arrow button to create a team.
Result: A Team Site is created and notifications are automatically emailed to the roster (staff and parents) notifying them to sign in to their Team Site.

Download the attached PDF and send it to your Coaches to help them understand the Team Site process.

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