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How To assign Volunteers and Players to Divisions and Teams


To assign Volunteers and Players to Divisions and Teams:

First, you need to have Divisions and Team Names to assign people to.  To create Divisions and Teams:

  1. From the Admin Site Map, click Schedules > Leagues & Divisions
  2. From the Leagues & Divisions page click the Add Division button.  Select you the League that is the same as your Registration program and add your Divisions.  (Divisions could be U8, U10, etc.)
  3. To add a team, click the linked number in the Teams column of the table displaying your League and Divisions.  Result: Teams page displays for the Division you selected.
  4. Click the Add Team button, add a team name and click Save.
  5. Repeat this process to add your Divisions and Teams.

After registration is complete, and all of  your Team Volunteers and Players have registered through TeamSideline (as players or volunteers) you are ready to assign / build teams.

  1. From the Admin Site Map, go to the Programs, Rosters and Teams Sites page
  2. Click the Blue Rosters icon.
  3. The Rosters page lists the divisions and teams for this program. Click the underlined team name to view the roster for that particular team. Note: On the far right of the Assign to Roster button, the total number of enrollees left to be assigned is displayed.
  4. To assign enrollees to a team roster, click the Assign To Roster button. 
  5. Use the Assign to Roster page to assign enrollees to a team.  Perform the following steps:
  • Step 1: Add Filters - Click on the Filter Value checkbox  to refine the list of enrollees to choose from. The filtered number of enrollees is shown on the next step to the far right (see Filter Results).
  • Step 2: Select Enrollees - Click on the Sort dropdown to choose the order you want to see the list of enrollees.  Click on the Highlight dropdown to see specific information about the enrollee.  Once you choose a Highlight, this information displays next to the enrollee's name for you to see.
  • Step 3: Select Roster Assignments - Click the Select Division dropdown and the Select Team dropdown to choose the division and team the selected enrollee will be assigned to.  Note: When you initially open this page, the Select Team dropdown is not available to you.  Once you click the Select Division dropdown, the Select Team dropdown will be populated with teams that belong to this specific division.
  • Click the Assign button when all the choices above are complete.  Note: The Filter Results number will be decreased by the number of enrollees you have just assigned.

If you need to start these steps over, click the Reset button to initialize the page.

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