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How to run merge reports to print out a page of each players Medical Release Form (or anything else you want)


Mail Merge forms can be deployed to Team Sites so Coaches can print the Mail Merge specific to their Team Roster.

  • From the Admin Site Map, under Reports, click Mail Merge.

The Mail Merge page allows you to create a document with fields and merge the documents with your registration data.  The fields are replaced with individual enrollment data.  You will get one printed page per player/or enrollee. 

  • Click the Add Document to create a new document. 
  • Click the Run Mail Merge button and choose the appropriate selections from the drop downs. 
  • The Date Range defines the start and end dates the enrollment date needs to fall between. 
  • Clicking the Run button will start the mail merge process. 
    • No email will be sent out - this feature is just meant for printing. 
  • You also have the ability to deploy these to the team sites.  This is a really popular feature because, as an example, each coach can now have the emergency contact information.  If you want to deploy a document to your team sites, navigate to the 5 Team Sites page under Programs and select the Deploy Forms button. Merged Forms will go directly to the teams to print.
  • Clicking on the edit icon allows you to modify the document specific information. 
  • Clicking on the delete icon allows you to remove the document.

The Add/Edit Document page lets you add or edit a document to be sent out to your registration customers. 

  • Fill in or change the Document Name and the text you want to send out.
  • Click Save when you are done or Cancel if you have changed your mind and do not want to save these updates.

When you are done creating the report, go to Programs > Manage Programs and go to your 5 Team Sites page and click the Deploy Forms button to create the form on your Team Sites.  Your Coaches can then sign in to the Team Sites and print out the form pages specific to their players.  Coaches can then bring the Forms to the first practice for parents to sign.  Once they have parents sign them, Coaches can keep the forms in a team binder they bring to practices and games.  If something unexpected happens, they’ll be ready.

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