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How should I create a roster for our All-Star season?


There are two options for tracking All-Stars:

Option 1. If you want to track All-Stars by using the registration system so you can track All-Stars in player accounts, make edits to the account data using the Player Custom Field (ie. add a field to track the player is an all-star), then essentially the process works just like the regular season registrations:

  • Create an All-Stars registration program.
  • Re-enroll the players into that program.
  • Create and print reports for managers to know who has signed up (Reports > Report Exports > Enrollment Information).
  • Create an All-Star division and teams.
  • Assign the registrants into rosters -- just like the regular season.
  • Create Team Sites for your All Star teams just like regular season Team Sites.
  • Send out Communications by All Star team since the system will have create communication lists just like it does for regular season Teams.

Option 2. If you want to be able to let parents indicate that their players have interest in playing All-Stars, you can create an entry form to gather this information:

  • Create an All-Star entry form.
  • Let parents know this form is available for them to submit their child's interest.
  • After the deadline for entry, export the Entry Form data to Excel (Reports > Report Exports > Entry Form Responses).
  • Create an All-Star division and teams.
  • Type in the players' names into the rosters for each team on the 2 Teams page.
  • Please note that this means you would not be able to create team sites, the system would not automatically create communication lists, etc.
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