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Is it possible for the free agent list to always be visible and updated live as players add themselves?


This feature is on the roadmap for the Premium Package and will be available for our customers once we build it.

Meanwhile, you can create this list manually and have it available on your site.  Periodically you should go to Reports > Exports to run an Entry Form report of the people who have responded to the Entry Form.  If you need help setting up this Entry Form, here is an article to help you:

In the case of lists like the Free Agent Sign Up entry form respondents, you can post the list to your Downloads page. Once it is there, then you can send out a Communication to Coaches and use the Links feature to link to the file on your Downloads page. You can also create a News Item or edit a Custom page in your Site and use the Links feature to link to the Downloads page file. You can even edit the Entry Form text area and add a link to the Downloads file there.

Here is a link to an article with more information about how to use the Links feature:

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