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Use free GIMP Software to create image files for your web site


Go to and download GIMP free so you can edit images for your Site.

You can resize images to a width of 580 pixels and save them to your computer as a gif or png file -- then use the TeamSideline "Image Manager" to upload them into your web site.

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    Bruce Sheridan

    To create an image in Powerpoint and convert to a png you can import into a Rotating Banner on your Evolved Site home page using GIF, follow these instructions:

    1) Open Powerpoint

    2) Create single slide blank presentation

    3) Save just the one slide as a JPG

    4) Open GIMP

    5) Click File > Open and open the JPG file.

    6) Click Image > Scale Image, change width to 1130 pixels, then click the Scale button.

    7) Click Image > Canvas Size, click the chain links to de link width and height, change height to 250, keep width at 1130, click Center, Click Resize.

    8) Click File > Save As then, in Select File Type choose png. If the Export File popup displays, click Export, the Save

    Result: The Slide is an image sized to 1130 x 250 that you can import into the TeamSideline Size Banner Rotator. To do this:

    9) Click Content > Image Rotators, click the Pencil/Edit icon on a rotator being used on your home page, click the Add process to add the file to the banner – and use the drag and drop dots to change the order of the rotating images.