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I have added items to the store. Now how do I turn the store on for my customers to purchase them?


Now that you have all the items in the Store, you just need to make the Store visible for your customers. 

  • From the Admin Site Map, go to Content > Configurations > Site Pages.
  • Right-click on Menu Pages, select Add Standard Page and then Store
  • Click the left button on your mouse to select Store
  • The Store page is now visible at the bottom of the page as the last menu item under Menu Pages
  • You can now drag and drop the Store to the location you want this page to be displayed on the tabs on your website.  Note: If you like, you can  rename the Store to whatever you want it to be called by double-clicking on Store, typing in the new text, and clicking your mouse off of the entry onto the white space (this sets the name change).
  • Once the Store is named what you want and you get it placed in the right location, click Save.
  • Go to your public page, click Home and you will now see the Store added to your tabs.

If you don't have enough admin capabilities to make the Content > Configurations > Site Pages changes, you can ask your webmaster to make these for you.

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