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Is there a way to move games from regular schedule to 2nd half schedule?

  • Go to Reports..Report Exports, run the Games report for the dates you want for the 2nd half, and export the file.
  • Open the file in Excel and then save it as a CSV file.
  • Go to the division's 1 Configuration..Schedule and set the Day of the First Game for the 2nd half.
  • Go to the 2 Team..2nd Half page and click the Copy All Teams button.  This will import all the contact and roster information from your 1st half teams.
  • Go to Administration..Import Data, click on Division Schedule Import and pick all the appropriate fields, including the Schedule Type of 2nd Half. 
  • You can review the schedule on the 4 Create Schedule..2nd Half page. 
  • Delete the 2nd half games from the Regular schedule (4 Create Schedule..Regular).
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