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WYS RMA Status Values and Meanings

  • None – Has a record in Affinity but has No Risk Management – Customer still needs to submit their background check information to Affinity and register online.
  • Review Committee - WYS Review Committee is reviewing record to determine Approved or Fail Status - Customer waits for review to be completed.
  • Approved - RMA Approved
  • Expired - RMA was Approved & has Expired - Customer needs to register again for RMA on the Affinity site.
  • Failed – RMA has failed – Customer cannot be rostered or printed.  Contact WYS for additional details:
  • No match – Customer has submitted their background check application but no match was found. - Admin needs to follow-up with Affinity by doing the following:  The legal first name, legal last name and DOB are in the Affinity system but does not match what is in TeamSideline.  First, the admin should update the customer's name in TeamSideline to their legal name.  If there still is no match and the customer registered for their RMA in Affinity with the incorrect legal name or DOB, they will need to contact to correct.
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