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As an admin, how do I register or place an order for my customers?


Follow these steps to enter orders as an Admin.

  1. From the Admin Site Map, click the Customers tab.
  2. Search for the Account to find out if the person has already added an Account to the system.
  3. If you find an Account, click on the name of the Account Holder in the search results.
  4. From the Account Overview page, click the Place Order button to place an order.
    • Click the Add to Roster button to enroll the player onto a Team Roster (For Team Registration only).
  5. If you do not find an Account, then click the Add Account button to add an account, then place the order.

Note: From the Account Overview page, you can click the Add Transaction button to add transactions such as payment by check or cash to an account.  For Credit Card Payments, click the Place Order tab, then use the Balance Payment feature.

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