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Can you provide me with the meaning of the admin roles?


Below are the available Roles that can be selected for an admin user and what that admin will see on the Admin Site Map when they login:

1. Administrator

  • Full Access to Customers, Programs, Schedules, Communications, Content, Reports, Administration

2. Communicator

  • Communications
  • Reports > Report Exports for Communication Reports only

3. Content Editor

  • Content

4. Facility Ordering (Facility Management Module)

  • Full Access to Customers
  • Reports > Report Exports for Customer and Facility Reservation Reports only

5. Facility Viewer (Facility Management Module)

  • Access to Calendar information for Facility Reservation > Facilities
  • Reports > Report Exports for Facility Reservation Reports only

6. Officials Administration (Officials Module)

  • Schedules (Standings page view only)
  • Archived Schedules (Standings page view only)
  • All Officials Management functions.
  • Communications access to Officials.
  • Reports > Report Exports only (Communication and Schedule > Officials)
  • Administration > Associated Organization.

7. Officials Coordinator (Officials Module)

  • Schedules (Standings page view only).
  • Archived Schedules (Standings page view only).
  • Officials Management Officials functions (minus the ability to adjust an official's status and what they are approved for).
  • Officials Management Assignments functions.
  • Communications access to Officials.
  • Reports > Report Exports only (Communication and Schedule > Officials).

8. Officials Treasurer (Officials Module)

  • Do not use - needs to be updated.

9. Page Editor

  • Content > Page Edit only

10. Registrar

  • Full Access to Customers, Programs, Facilities, Schedules, Communications, Content, Reports

11. Report Viewer

  • Reports > Report Exports only

12. Scheduler

  • Full Access to Schedules, Communications, Content, Reports > Report Exports only (excludes Customer Reports)

13. Scorekeeper

  • Schedules (Standings page only functions), Reports > Report Exports only (Content and Schedule)

14. Volunteer Coordinator

  • Customers > Volunteer Management, Reports > Report Exports only (Volunteer reports)
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