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How would I add a practice schedule?


How to add a Practice Schedule:

  • Go to Schedules > Leagues & Divisions.
  • Select desired Division.
  • Go to the 1 Configuration > Scheduling page.
  • For Division Schedule Types, click the Practice checkbox.  
  • Click the Save button.
  • Click the 4 Create Schedule tab, and select Practice from the drop down.
  • Click the Add Practice button to add recurring practices or just a single practice for a team.
  • Click the Add Rolling Practice button to alternate practice times or fields between teams.  
    • For a rolling practice, you enter a time slot, then the team that will have that time slot first. So if you have 10 teams, if you create 10 time slots with a different team on each, then over the course of 10 weeks, each team would practice in every time slot once.

Note: You may need to review for practices and games on the same day and make changes after the regular schedule is created.

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