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Evolved Layout


What is the status of the responsive layout?

  • The Evolved responsive layout is in beta as we test all the existing functions with the new look and feel.

Available Responsive Layout Colors

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red

Pages/Items implemented thus far:

  • Activity Registration
  • Calendar
  • Calendar Subscription
  • Content Tables
  • Current and Upcoming Programs
  • Downloads
  • Entry Forms
  • Facility Management
  • Home page
  • Image Rotators
  • Locations
  • News Items
  • Schedules (Standard) including game number and show flag up/down
  • Schedules (Tournament) including 1st and 2nd brackets
  • Schedule Subscribe button (PC and iPad only)
  • Sponsors
  • Standings page print view
  • Stats
  • Store
  • Surveys
  • Unsubscribe

Pages/Items not implemented thus far:

  • Upcoming games
  • Recently scored games
  • Field conditions
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Schedule Subscribe button (mobile only)
  • Social share is not enabled
  • Volunteer, sponsor pages (obsolete)
  • Programs highlights
  • Home page rotator configurations (defaults to a single standard)
  • iFrames
  • Show Find Option on Home Page
  • Photo Gallery, though it does not display in mobile (2/10/2017)

What needs to be add manually as sidebar links

  • Contact Us (customers can build their own Contact Us page if they prefer)
  • Find
  • Newsletter Signup

 Things to note after changing to the new layout: 

  • There is no longer a left sidebar.  Sidebar links are at the bottom of the page in the Evolved Layout.
  • There is a new Schedules page for accessing a list of schedules.
  • The public badge maximum recommended size 400px width and 150px height.
  • The classic system Sponsor pages (ie. Sponsors and Sponsor Opportunities) are no longer available and will need to be replaced with custom pages or the Content > Sponsors functionality.

Common questions? 

  • Can I change back afterwards?  
    • Yes, you can switch back and forth.
  • Preferred demenisions for rotator images?  
    • Width: 1130px, Height: 250px




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