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Roster Assignments - How to use the Assign To Roster page


The player assignment page is much improved! -- although you can click the "Toggle" button to use the old process if you prefer.

1. Go to the Schedules > Leagues & Divisions page.  Add your Divisions to the League that has the same name as your Registration Program.

2. Use the More Options icon on the extreme right of each Division row to go directly to the "2 Teams" page in a Division.  Click Add Team to add your Team names.  (Once on a Division page, you can use the Navigation Icon to the left of the Division name to go to the same page in another division.)

3. After adding the Division and Team names, go back to the Roster Assignment page.  Click "Add Filter" to add filters -- and use the Highlight drop down to display data for each assignee (click the Update button after you make Highlight selections to update your page view).

4. Drag and drop players from the left to the right -- you can expand the Division names by clicking the 'triangle' icon to the left of a Division name to see the Team Names.  You can make multiple selections of players by holding down the CTRL key and selecting players (this will work differently if you're using a MAC).

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