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How to use mailbox functionality (Mailboxes)


NOTE: WebMail/Domain Mailbox functionality is no longer offered by TeamSideline.

To update or create Mailboxes, go to CommunicationsMail Administration > Mailboxes.  On this page you will see your Post Office listed and all the Mailboxes already associated with your domain.

Click Add Mailbox to add new mailboxes, click the pencil icon to add or remove redirect email addresses for each mailbox, click the green circular arrow icon to reset a mailbox password, and finally, click the red x to remove a mailbox.

We recommend you create mail boxes by role not name.  For example, create not This will enable you to more easily manage changes to your Board as they occur over time -- because people can continue emailing coachdirector@ to the new person.

You can click the green/red floppy disk to save or not save emails in your mail box.  If red, then emails are just redirected to your personal email box.  If green, then emails are redirected AND stored in the mail box for future reference.  Be sure to have the icon green for the most important mail boxes (president, treasurer, etc).

You can also create group lists like by going to Communications > Mail Administration > Group Lists. 


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