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How can our league incorporate background checks into our volunteer signup process?


TeamSideline has partnered with Protect Youth Sports to offer an integrated solution to perform background checks on volunteers that signup to help with your organization's youth registration programs. 

Background checks are initiated when a volunteer signs up for a program and they either haven’t ever had a background check or their current background check is past the expiration date.  You can control this configuration depending on if you want the background check to be run 1, 2 or 3 years.

  • As your volunteers signup, they will input the information needed to perform a background check.
    • Legal First Name
    • Legal Middle Name
    • Legal Last Name
    • SSN
      • Protect Youth Sports has confirmed with TeamSideline that the SSN is a required field and cannot be omitted.
      • The transmission of the SSN is secure from entry on the web page through transmission to Protect Youth Sports.
      • No one in your organization or at TeamSideline has direct access to this sensitive data through the TeamSideline interface.
      • The entire TeamSideline system and data storage complies with PCI requirements for protecting sensitive data.
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
  • Once they confirm and place their order, Protect Youth Sports is sent the information and a background check is started.
  • Once the background check is completed, the volunteer’s account is updated and site admins can review the report that is returned. 
  • The cost to your organization is $10 for each BASIC or $20 for each PLUS volunteer background check.
    • BASIC ($10/person) - national lookup.
    • PLUS ($20/person) - national plus local county, city, and state lookups.
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