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Team Site Texting


If you are a Youth Team Coach, then edit the role of one of the parents and make that person a Team Parent on the Team Site -- that enables the person to go around to all the parents at the first practice or game and get everyone text enabled -- but anyone can do it -- parents can edit their own information, or a Team Staff member can do it.

If you do it for yourself, you'll know it's easy: just 1) sign into your main site, 2) click the Team Site link, 3) go to the Team Site "Roster" tab, then:

  • Click the edit icon next to a name.
  • Under the Phone section
    1) enter your cell phone #,
    2) check the box to "Enable text messaging for this phone number",
    3) select the Mobile Provider from the drop-list.
  • Click Save.

It's worth doing because texting from TeamSideline Team Sites is both free and unlimited.

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