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How to update the Team Site Roster as an Admin


Note: Once the Team Site has been published, changes to the customer's account will not automatically flow down to the Team Site.  

How to update a Team Site Roster:

  • Go to Programs > Manage Programs.
  • Select the desired Program.
  • Go to the 5 Team Sites tab.
  • For the desired Team Site, click the yellow house icon team_site_house_icon.jpg.
  • On the Team Site page, go to the Roster tab.
  • For desired Roster member, click the pencil icon.
  • Edit the desired fields.
  • Click the Save button.

Here are the steps to enable the person who registered the team, to enable the real coach to sign in and manage rosters:

1. Go to the customer's account.
2. Click the Enrollments tab.
3. Click the blue people icon to go to the team roster.
4. Click the Add to Roster button.
5. Type in the First Name, Last Name, Role=Coach, and Email address plus any other required fields.
6. Click the Save button.
7. Have the coach sign-in with their email address and they will see their team under Manage Rosters.

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