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Can I send a Survey to our customers?


Yes, in our Communication's module we offer a survey functionality that can be used to send Surveys to your customers.

How to create a Survey:

  • Go to Communications > Surveys.
  • Click the Add Survey button.
  • For Survey Name, enter desired Survey Name.
  • Click the Add button.
    • Note: When first created, surveys are in Draft status. After you send out your survey, the survey will be in Published status.

How to Publish a Survey:

  • Click the spyglass icon.
  • Click the Publish Survey button.
  • For Publishing method, you have two options: "One reply per person" for the private survey or "multiple responses per person" for the public survey.
    • For "One reply per person," click the option for "Use Send Communications to email a survey link - one reply per email."
    • For "Multiple responses per person," click the option for "Use the Links function to post a survey link that can have multiple anonymous responses."
  • Click the Publish button.
  • Click here for more details.


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