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How to publish Team Sites for Adult Registration Programs


How to publish Team Sites for Adult Registration Programs:

Before you attempt to publish any Team Sites, go to Programs > Configurations > Team Sites and review each of the configurations so they are all set appropriately.

First Step - Assign Players to Roster:

  • Go to Programs > Manage Programs, click on the program name, go to the 4 Rosters tab, and click the Assign to Roster button.
  • Once you have completed assigning your players to their team rosters, click on the 5 Team Sites tab.

Second Step - Publish Team Sites:

  • If there are players assigned to the team, you will see a green icon team_site_publish_icon.jpg under the Team Site column.  Click on this green icon team_site_publish_icon.jpg to create your Team Site.
  • Click OK to confirm the publishing of the new Team Site.
  • Now that the Team Site is built, from the 5 Team Sites page you can click the green icons under Practice, Regular, 2nd Half, and Playoff to publish game, practice and playoff schedules to the Team Sites.
  • Click on the house icon team_site_house_icon.jpg to go to the new Team Site.

Note Regarding Adult Registration: Team Sites can be created with no “staff” members (coaches, managers, site coordinators, etc).  When a roster member signs in and there are no staff members, they will be prompted to accept the Site Coordinator role.  They can click the Promote Me button and instantly become the Site Coordinator – the Site Coordinator can then update the roster and make anyone else a team staff member.

Note: Team Sites are only available to be published on Individual Youth and Adult Programs currently. 

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