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Setting the Maximum Number of Facility Reservations


In the Facility Reservation module, you can limit the number of reservations that can be made by one person by day, week, or month. 

  • Go to Facility Reservation > Configurations > Facility Groups. This allows you to group separate facilities together and then apply a Facility Rule (see next item) together.  This is optional.
  • Go to Facility Reservation > Configurations > Facility Reservation Rules. This allows you to define the Max Reservation Slots to be applied during a defined Rule Period (day/week/month).
  • Now that you’ve completed the setup, go to Facility Reservation > Facilities and go to the Reservation page for each facility.
  • Set the Reservation Rule and Reservation Group appropriately for each facility.

Now any reservations placed by your customers will be limited by these configurations.

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