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September 27th Enhancements Notification


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For immediate release: September 26th, 2018

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September 27th Enhancements Notification


 TeamSideline will release our next set of 2018 system enhancements this Thursday night, September 27th.  In addition to the items below, we have made many other improvements throughout the Site thanks to your feedback.

Max Number of Facility Reservations 

In the Facility Reservation module, you can now limit the number of reservations that can be made by one person by day, week, or month.  This feature was added to make the Facility Reservation module more useful for Coach Practice Reservations.  Click here for the steps on how to set it up. If you are interested in learning more about the Facility Reservation module, email

Volunteer Image Upload

Available now is the ability to prompt your Volunteers to upload an image during the registration process.  This uploaded image can be used with the Reports > Mail Merge process to create Field Passes or any other type of individual volunteer printout that your organization needs.  Go to the 1 Setup page of your program and make the appropriate selection for the Volunteer Image field. If you are interested in adding the Enrollment Image Upload functionality to your site, please email

Enable an Assignment Deadline for Officials 

The Officials Module has been enhanced to allow the Officials Assigners to create a cutoff date by which officials must confirm their assignments.  If an official does not accept a game by the configured number of days before the game, the assignment for that official is automatically marked as rejected.  This will enable the Officials Admin to reassign the game when they are not getting timely game confirmations.  You can set this field at Schedules > Officials Management > Configurations by changing Auto Reject Asgmt from Not Enabled to up to 7 days

Officials Reporting

We’ve also enhanced the Officials Approved For report by adding in the Official Email and Official Alternate Email addresses.  Run this report to create a spreadsheet of all your officials and the current levels of roles, level of play, gender and age groups they are approved for.

Tournament Who’s Coming Page 

For our Premium Team Registration customers, there is now a new automatically created page called “Who’s Coming”.  This will quickly create a searchable public page listing all the teams that have signed up to come to your tournaments.  Go to Content > Configurations > Site Pages, right click on Menu Pages, select Add Standard Page, then Who’s Coming.  Click Save and go checkout the new page on your public site.

Tournament Competition Levels for Master Team Registration 

For our Master Team Registration process, you can now create Competition Levels for your offerings.  This new functionality will not allow a team to register for a tournament in a lower level than what they are originally signed up for on the master program.  A team will be able to register at their level or above but not below.  To set this functionality up, go to Programs > Configurations > Competition Levels to create and set the correct levels.  Then for each Offering for the Master Team Registration Program, set the appropriate Competition Level for that offering.  When your teams enroll in your tournaments, they will be prevented from registering for any tournament offering they are overqualified for. 

Texting Improvements

When you send out a league text message via the Communications > Send Communication process, you will now be able to see more information about those text messages.  Go to Communications > Communication Logs and click on the Subject Name of the email that you sent out.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for “Text Message Recipients” – notice you will now see in addition to the Sent date and time, there is also a Delivered date and time and a Status of the text message.  Good information to have when people say they haven’t received your text.


Did you know that you can post and send surveys (either anonymous or private) on your TeamSideline site?  Here is an article with details on the process -  Now you will also be able to delete not only surveys in draft mode, but you can also delete surveys that have been published.  Go to Communications > Survey and click the red x for the survey you want to remove. 

More Reporting Enhancements 

You ask, we deliver!  Here are more additional fields that have been added to existing reports available under Reports > Report Exports:

  • Order Detail - Payment Gateway Id and Payment Gateway Name
  • Order Line Detail - Payment Gateway Id and Payment Gateway Name
  • Enrollment InformationPaid Amount (Reconciled)
  • Roster EnrollmentEnrollee Birth Cert Validation and Enrollee Birth Cert Validation Date

Please note that the downtime period to enable these enhancements to be implemented will be from 10pm – midnight (Pacific) on Thursday night, September 27th.

We thank you for using TeamSideline!

Helene Harris
Customer Support
Direct: (916) 822-4800
Toll Free Support: (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1


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For more information:

Helene Harris at (916) 822-4800 or (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1




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