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How can I show the Coaches contact information?


To show Coaches contact information, you can use our Custom Standings option to display the desired coaches information on the Division's Standings.

How to setup Custom Standings:

  • Go to Schedules > Configurations > Custom Standings.
  • Click the Add Custom standings button.
  • Configure Standings as desired.
  • To add Team Contact information, click the "Phone" and/or "Linked Email" check boxes to add the phone number and/or email link to the Team Contact name. 
    • Note: You can also change the default "Coach" column heading to anything you want by typing in the "Team Contact Column".
  • Click the Save button when finished.

How to add Custom Standings to Multiple Division's:

  • Go to Schedules  > Leagues & Divisions.
  • Select Update Multiple Divisions.
  • For Update Type, select Configuration.
  • Select desired League to update, or expand the list to select desired Division.
  • Scroll down to Display Configurations.
  • For Standings Layout, use the drop down to select the desired Custom Standing Layout.
  • Click the Update button.

How to add Custom Standings to a Division:

  1. Go to your Divisions Standing page.
  2. Go to 1 Configuration > Display page.
  3. For Standings Layout, use the drop down to select your Custom Standing.
  4. Click the Save button.

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