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How to publish Team Sites for Individual Youth Registration


How to publish Team Sites for Youth Registration Programs:

Before you attempt to publish any Team Sites, go to Programs > Configurations > Team Sites and review each of the configurations so they are all set appropriately.

First Step - Assign Players to Roster:

  • Go to Programs > Manage Programs.
  • Select desired Program.
  • Go to the 4 Rosters tab.
  • Click the Assign to Roster button.
  • Use the Enrollment Type Filter option to show assignable Player and/or Volunteers.
  • Once you have completed assigning your Volunteers and Players to their team rosters, click on the 5 Team Sites tab.

Second Step - Publish Team Sites:

  • If there is at least one Player and Volunteer assigned to the team, you will see a green icon team_site_publish_icon.jpg under the Team Site column. 
  • Click on this green icon team_site_publish_icon.jpg to create your Team Site.
  • Click OK to confirm the publishing of the new Team Site.
  • Now that the Team Site is built, from the 5 Team Sites page you can click the green icons under PracticeRegular, 2nd Half, and Playoff to publish game, practice and playoff schedules to the Team Sites.
  • Click on the house icon team_site_house_icon.jpg to go to the new Team Site.

Note: Team Sites are only available to be published on Individual Youth and Adult Programs currently. 

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