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How do I Reconcile an Account?


The Reconcile Accounts button on the Account Management Search screen provides you with a list of customers where there are transactions that are not directly tied to an order. 

How to Reconcile an Account:

  1. From the Admin Site Map, go to the Account Management > Search page.
  2. Input the appropriate search criteria and click the Search button.
  3. Click on the correct customer's name from the returned list to go to the Account Overviewpage.
  4. On the Account Overview, click the Reconcile button reconcile.jpg.
    • Note: You will know an account needs to be reconciled if the Reconcile button has a red flag on it.
  5. To Reconcile the Account, click the green plus sign icon add_question.png to associate or reconcile the transaction to an order (just select the correct order from the drop down list). 

Note: The Auto Reconcile button will automatically associate transactions to orders if all the necessary information is available to the system. If the Auto Reconcile button does not reconcile the accounts, use the steps above.


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