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For Team Registration plus Roster Registration, how can Managers give their Coach roster access?


The manager is the one that registers the team, but what if they want to give their coaches access to edit the Roster as well? All they will need to do is add their Coach to their Roster and give them the Roster Edit access.

How to give Coach roster access:

  • Log into your Customer Account.
  • Select Team Name under Manage Rosters.
  • Click the Add to Roster button and add the desired Coaches name and email address.
  • For Role, select "Coach" from the drop down.
    • If "Coach" role is not an option, use the Organization's "Contact Us" option to let the Organization know you would like it added.
  • Once "Coach" has been added, click the edit icon for recently added "Coach."
  • For Roster Edit, use the drop down to select "Yes."
  • Click the Save button.  
  • You'll then see a blue people icon display which indicates this person now has the ability to log in and edit the roster as a Coach.
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