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How To Enable Text Messages To Be Sent


Note: Text Messages can only be sent from your Site to people who have signed up (or "opted in") for Text Messages from your Site.

How to get people to sign up for Text Messages:

1. Create an email message by selecting Communications > Send Communication from the Admin Site Map.  On this page, click a checkbox to the left of the list you want to send a communication to, then click the Next button.  Result: Create Your Message page displays.

2. From the Create Your Message page, type a subject and message, then click the Next button.  Result: Send Communication page displays.

3. From the Send Communication page, click the checkbox titled Text Sign Up Link, then click the Send button.  Result: The email is sent and since you clicked the Text Sign Up Link checkbox, the email will automatically include a link to a Text Sign Up page for your customers to follow to the Text Alert Setup page.

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